I live at the border of Netherlands and my previous work as an Art educator giving workshops in Dutch schools has ended due to the covid restrictions. As an artist (painter) I am not unfamiliar to reinventing myself so as an 30 year yoga practicioner descided to become a feetup yoga teacher. This was due to corona restrictions also difficult but after three online courses I managed to get some replacement hours at a fitness centre which ended also due to the restrictions. So I am at my third reinvention of making orgonites piramides and many other shapes. And I love to make my own shiny sparkles which also create positive energy for others. In combination to this new way of creating positive energy I found a way to add more healing power through adding Lakhovsky/Tesla/Rife frequencies to the orgonite with a mutli wave harmoniser. Uploading healing frequencies in my creations. I love to help create this new world to make sure the next generations will grow up as the creative beings we all are intended to be.
Orgone energy is the creative force of nature emanating from all organic material.
Orgone is energy simply another name for the multi-named etheric (aether, scalar wave, zero point, chi, prana) energy that is everywhere and embodies all things, universal life force.
Orgonite, orgone accumulators, came into being in 2000 by Don and Carol Kroch. Basically, orgonite pulls in energy and while energy is inside the device metal particles and organic resin both push and pull on it in all directions at the same time. This puts friction on the energy where the crystal will begin to create order from chaos by aligning the structure of the energy into a more positively aligned pattern.
I add frequencies by uploading vibrations through a multi-wave oscillator this can be for health or general wellbeing and on request.
Every organe or tissue in our body emanates its own frequency. Think of an ECG or EEG where the doctors meassure our frequency of our heart or brain, bodyparts, in order to detect abnormalities. Even the earth resonantes at the Schumann frequency.
Here’s a link to youtube video that explaines about scalar wave and aether:

Here I will create a webshop soon to be opened